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Audrey Caylin: One Week Of NaNo

Saturday, November 19, 2016

One Week Of NaNo

 So last week I started Nanowrimo eleven days in. You heard that I panicked and went insane, and you're probably wondering about my mental health after a decision about that. ;-)

Here it is:



That just about sums up how I am right now. I even decided to take the day off from writing because I'm so brain-dead and just can't do it today. But I'm proud of myself for surviving this late start. Here's a summary of what I got done:

55,035 words

Insane, right? 55,035 words and one week. *raises hands* check me for cheating, but I put a lot of things on hold to get this done. Like eating and sleeping and breathing... but I had a wonderful family that understood my desperation to write 50,000 words in a week. I created that deadline myself, something which I am infamous for. It was insane. I wouldn't do it again. Okay, I'll stop rambling and give you the blow-by-blow account. 

 (Pictures from Pinterest)  (No I did not go crazy on caffeine)

Day One (11th)


Just a brief overview, in which I wrote 5,565 words. But I think I already told you that. :P 

Day Two (12th)


This day, I got in 4,451. I panicked because I couldn't get in anymore, but had an awesome time seeing Dr. Strange. XD

Day Three (13th)


I went crazy this day. Literally. I wrote 12,049 words and lost my sanity. I kept writing after my mind went limp. I started getting a surreal feeling where my fingers moved faster than my mind, so what was coming out of me probably wasn't very coherent.... I'm sure fellow Nanoers can relate.

Day Four (14th)


Around this time, I started to get the idea that maybe I could write 50,000 words in a week. So a procrastinated on a lot of things (including sleep and eating) and went for another 10,000 words. I love that NaNo is an excuse for writers to lose sleep. XD

Day Five (15th)


I started losing a little steam here. I do realize that 8,007 words is pretty insane. I have a tendency to make my expectations for myself really high. Just slightly.

Day Six (16th)


By now, my word count was around 41,000. I still get dizzy thinking of how I managed to get that much done in a week. But I was so encouraged that I ate dinner in several minutes just so I could get a bunch of writing done.

And I hit 50,000 that night.

*throws confetti*

I just punched the air a dozen times and almost collapsed on my keyboard. 

NaNo is awesome.         

Day Seven (17th)


Now that I'd reached my goal, I slowed down a bit and did 5,000 words. My mad writer-energy was running on empty. Which was ironic, because in one of the scenes I wrote, a car ran out of gas. 

  Day Eight (18th) 


Today (I write my posts on Friday afternoons) I just wasn't feeling the NaNo hunger. I told myself that was okay because I'd already gotten so much done. I settled for formatting, which says a lot about how my writer brain was feeling. :P

 (Pictures from Pinterest)



It was crazy.

I don't really have anything else to say. I feel very blessed that my family supported me in this crazy writing hunger. One more thing to be thankful for with Thanksgiving coming up :)

I intend to slowly finish my novel by sometime next week, as I'm almost done.

Let me say it one more time: It was crazy. I sacrificed my sanity. But I would do it again next November. NaNo is a wonderful break from my other novel projects. If I could rate it so far, I would give it five stars.

To fellow NaNoers: WE'RE ALMOST DONE! EEEEE!!!!


- Audrey Caylin    



At November 19, 2016 at 5:16 AM , Blogger Amy said...

WOW congrats on those words! That's amazing :)
As for me, I'm on schedule with 31,796 words at the moment. *fingers crossed*

At November 19, 2016 at 9:16 AM , Blogger Audrey Caylin said...

Thank you, Amy! <3

That's awesome! I love how everyone can work at their own pace in Nano, but all still reach the same goal in the end: writing a novel in a month. :)


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