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Audrey Caylin: I Think I've Gone Over the Edge = NaNo + Snakes? & A Storyboard Reveal

Saturday, November 12, 2016

I Think I've Gone Over the Edge = NaNo + Snakes? & A Storyboard Reveal

I have officially gone over the edge.

I've been talking about rest and waiting to do NaNo lately. But no. Apparently, the plot bunnies aren't going to let it go like that.

So let me tell you the story of how I decided to do NaNo after eleven days in.

It starts with snakes.

 (Pictures from Pinterest)

Snakes + Bunnies = NaNo

My school had a fieldtrip to the Zoo the other day. It was great there (obviously XD) and since I love animals, I was loving every minute. But I couldn't wait to get home either, because I was a few hundred words away from finishing Found.

It was getting toward the end of the day, and we decided to go in the reptile exhibit last. I was looking forward to seeing some big snakes, because snakes are pretty cool sometimes.

We were walking along a wall of small, clear glass enclosures, trying to peek in and find the snakes (which were pretty well camouflaged in their environments). At each corner of the square reptile house, there was a large glass cage with clear walls on two sides, and usually the big snakes (yay!) were in there.

I frowned at them. Wow, they have like no privacy, I thought. I know they're animals, but what would it be like if a human was in there. 

In hopped the bunnies.
I was dead tired and probably pretty dehydrated after walking around all day, but the idea of a person being in a glass cage was pretty intriguing. Great, I thought, I'll put that one on the shelf for after I finish my trilogy and that fantasy series and....

I don't think so.

I went to sleep, and the bunnies viciously attacked, like usual, when I'm most vulnerable to new story ideas (aren't we all?). I fell asleep with the this plot on my mind. When I woke up before my alarm (this time change is weird!) I lay there for awhile. The plot bunnies came back. Suddenly, I had this whole story, and the first 25% was already planned out by the time I got up! 

Strange, too, because my girl MC came all perfect, wrapped up in a bow complete with motivations, strengths, flaws, and lovely character arc.

I mean, what?!?

Later, I couldn't help myself and went and made a Pinterest board on it. Then, for some reason, I went to the NaNo site. Whoa! I told myself. It's day eleven. You seriously can't be thinking of writing thing novel this month? You have work to do elsewhere! 

After more prompting from my mom (thanks, Mom :) ), I decided to put editing Found on hold. So, yes, of today, I am officially in NaNo. 

Like I said. I've gone crazy. XD

NaNo Updates

So then, for some updates on that progress. I guess you could say that I plotted everything in about thirty minutes and took off writing after that. I'm currently at 5,556 words, which is pretty amazing considering school and exercise and life....
Here's a mock cover I'm way too ecstatic about and a little synopsis I whipped up. ;)

(Pictures from Pinterest)

Verity of Tomorrow 


Nayely doesn’t know what she is. When she was nine years old, she and her sister were taken from their home planet of Lokono. Back on Earth, humans put them and more of their people in captivity for public viewing. Nayely knows she’s not an animal–she’s a Tora–and she’s fed up with being treated like one. But each attempt she makes to escape or fight back, her sister is harmed. When she’s moved to another facility, away from her wise uncle, Nayely doesn’t know what to do next but play along until the right moment comes.

Junior in high school Myles knows he’s in for a treat when his older brother Owen is invited to taken an internship at the AFS in New Jersey. Better yet, Myles’ whole family moves out that way for Owen’s promising future. Myles gets to tag along and maybe make a career in animal sciences there as well.

When the facility comes under attack from a strange force, Nayely can’t find her sister, and Myles brother is suspected for the attack and arrested. Can the two form an unlikely team to find their siblings and make it home to a future?

Eeek!!!! I'm so, so excited to do this. I'm writing and plotting like crazy right now. (And, yes, it took me at least an hour before I could write Nayely's name without having to deeply think about it!)

Storyboard Reveal


Alright. Now for my original post, before I went crazy and decided to do Nano. ;)

Thursday night, I finished Found. I'm at an average of 111,000 words, and it took me a total of 25 days. I'll do the math, so that means I averaged at about 4,500 words a day. :)

That doesn't mean I'm not panicking about Verity of Tomorrow, though. (I plan to make a post explaining the title and giving additional information).

Anyway, I've finally finished the storyboard for Found. Or, at least, got a baseline I like. Go check it out here, and see Verity of Tomorrow as well.

 (Pictures from Pinterest)

Alrighty then. I'll keep you all updated on how my late start of Nano is going. ;) Check out my profile and buddy me!


- Audrey Caylin.

Have you ever done something as crazy as starting nano late?!?

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At November 17, 2016 at 9:12 PM , Blogger Katie Grace said...

YOU CAN DO THIS. I admire you for starting NaNo this late, but it's possible to get it done! *sends pizza*

katie grace
a writer's faith

At November 18, 2016 at 9:38 AM , Blogger Audrey Caylin said...

*eats pizza* Thanks, Katie! I'm still going crazy with my word counts per day... but it's awesome XD #nanolife


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