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Audrey Caylin: Dream Writing

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Dream Writing

It's a total fact about me in my family: I have weird dreams. Sometimes I'm climbing down a cliff. Sometimes I'm almost getting in a car crash. Or sometimes... I think you get it. It's crazy.

 However, a little while ago, I had a dream that surpassed all others.

It involved those alien dudes from the first Avengers movie.

Now, I haven't watched that movie in ages (call me weird). So how did those guys get in my dream?!?

And how did a character from a book get in as well?

My mom let me do a creative writing assignment on that dream. I've changed some of the names so I don't give any spoilers. I cracked up putting this together. Hope you enjoy ;)

Beautiful shades of blue:
(Pictures from Pinterest)

When Fiction Comes to Life.... 


 I duck to the side right before one of the monster’s swords hits my head. I shouldn’t have left my weapons in that box in the garage. That was a big mistake.

  I jump back again before the monster can get me. How these alien creatures got into my house, I have no idea. How they got on Earth, I have no idea either. Maybe my imagination is getting too strong. That wouldn’t be a first. I just hate it when it gets out of control and dreams up stuff without my consent. Like these monsters, for instance. I don’t recall ever designing an evil race that stands about four feet tall, has hard gray skin that looks likes raw meat, and little mouths with a few sharp teeth. Now that I look at this thing better, I’m beginning to think that perhaps it’s a variation of those monsters in the Avengers. Yes, that’s it. Only these things have swords.

  The monster lunges. I quickly turn and run up the stairs, wishing again that I have my sword and that my house doesn’t have so many stairs. The monster follows up the twisting path with surprising agility, considering its bulky stature.

  When I get to the top of the stairs, I see another raised sword. My heart skips a beat when I realized I’m trapped. “Duck!” someone shouts. I throw myself to the ground right before a broadsword slices over my head. The monster screams and staggers. While it’s loosing its balance, I stand up and kick it. With another hoarse screech, it tumbles back down the stairs, the momentum even taking it around the corners.

  “There’s more on the way.”

  I look up and blink. First the monsters, and now Jason. How did he get from the barely created world of XXX into my own home? I eye him suspiciously for a moment, recalling the storyline I had in mind for him. Especially that character arc. If I’m not mistaken, he’s suppose to betray his childhood friend and nearly kill my hero as he joins the emperor. I pray right now that this Jason is the Jason my main girl character knows in the first book.

  High-pitched cries throw me from my thoughts. I fell the floor tremble slightly, signaling the approach of another monster horde. At least these bouncy floorboards are finally doing some good besides waking up my family at night.

  “Let’s go!” Jason says, grabbing my arm and jerking me further from my trance.

  “Where are we going?” I demand. “We’re on the top floor. There’s no way out.”

  “We clean them out and make a run for it,” he explains shortly.

  “I left my sword in the garage,” I tell him. “I need it or I’m done.”

  Jason pauses. Ha. Thinks he can outsmart me. He’s my character. I’m always right.

  The sound of many heavy footsteps destroy such thoughts. “I’ll take them,” Jason says. “Get in your room and shut the door. I’ll let you know when they’re gone.”

  The thunderous sound of the monsters makes me decide against arguing. As I run into my room, I wonder how Jason even knows it’s mine. Or does he know as much about me as I know about him?
In my room, I shut the door and turning around, looking for anything that might be of good use as a weapon. I have pepper spray in my purse. If only those monsters’ eyes were bigger than my thumbnail. 
  I suddenly have a thought, and turn toward the door to shout, “Jason! Their eyes are small. That means they can’t see very well. Use that to your advantage.”

  I hear a loud bang and a screech, then a thump and the walls shake. I cringe. What are we going to tell the homeowners about the paint? 

  “I’m kinda busy!” comes a muffled shout.

  “Oh, sorry,” I say, even though I know he can’t hear me. I’m still looking around for a weapon when my door shakes and the knob rattles. Since I can still hear the sounds of a battle in the hallway, I have a feeling that this isn’t Jason coming to tell me everything’s safe.

  I rush over to the door and slam my weight against it. Just in time. The door cracks open a little, then snaps shut when I press against it. I breathe out a sight. That was close.

  I’m jerked forward abruptly as the door starts to open again. I throw myself back against it, but the monsters on the other side are insistent, and the door continues to pop open again and again. I grit my teeth and brace my feet as my shoulder starts to get banged up. Last time I ever go somewhere without a weapon. If only I can imagine a sword into my hand as easily as I can imagine monsters and fictional characters into my life.

  The door gives a jerk so hard that I loose my balance and fall. I scramble backwards as the door opens to reveal a single monster. It stares at me, then falls forward, nearly onto my legs. Jason stands behind it with a blood-stained sword. I roll my eyes. Typical Jason. And I just came up with that epic heroism trait last night.

  “Would you mind getting my sword now?” I ask as I stand up. I wince when I see that my carpet is stained. Worse yet, I have a monster carcass in my bedroom.

  “I don’t think they’ll be coming back for a little while now,” Jason says, grabbing one of the monster’s legs and dragging it out of the room. I smile. Good. This is the nice Jason. I feel a little bad now that I’m going to make him a betrayer one day.

  As I step out into the hall, a dozen monster bodies greet me, some lying flat on the carpet, others slumped up against the wall, and still more either halfway in the bathroom or my brother’s bedroom. Their purple alien blood is everywhere. For some reason, it smells like grape juice though. My imagination is officially crazy. I glance at Jason. He hardly has a scratch on him, though his short black hair is plastered to his face. It’s not so humid and hot in XXX, apparently. 
  “You should be fine until I get your sword,” he says shortly, starting down the monster-littered stairs. Should be. His humor is starting to become frighteningly familiar to that of another character of mine. I’ll have to make a note of that.

  While he’s gone, I shut my eyes and try to mentally clean up the upstairs. I smile when I look again and see that the hall is all clean, and so are the rooms. Even vacuumed. If only I could do my weekly chores like this.

  Jason returns a moment later, not seeming to find it strange that every trace of the monsters is gone. He hands me my sword and scabbard. I swing the belt around my hips and buckle it in place. Then I pull the sword out a little, just because I like the feel of it in my hands and enjoy looking at the engravings on the hilt.

  “You forgot my bow,” I tell Jason. “But I’m a lousy shot, so that’s fine.”

  “Get Teresa to teach you,” he suggests.

  I give him a look. Just make fictional characters come into the real world to teach me how to use medieval weapons? I don’t think so.

  “You need to get to church now or something, right?” Jason asks.

  I nod and touch my sword again. “You can come with if you want, but now that I have my sword, I should be fine if one of the monsters attacks during the service.” I cringe at the picture in my head. Monsters attacking innocent people. I’ve got to get a hold of myself.

  Shutting my eyes, I try the technique I used to clean the hall. When I open my eyes, Jason is gone. I guess I could have said goodbye, but I’ll be working on him a bit over the next year. Maybe I’ll make him a bit less curt. I turn back to my room to go make a note of that.

Hope you liked it!


- Audrey Caylin

Have you ever tried to write stories 

about your dreams?



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