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Audrey Caylin: October 2017

Saturday, October 7, 2017

{IMPORTANT NOTICE #2} please read (in your blogger feed) if you haven't already

**you'll have to read this in your blogger feed without clicking on it**

Hey friends! I recently moved my blog over to Wordpress. I am having some difficulties transferring the RSS feed (all you public followers), so if you could pop over to my new URL (audreycaylin.com) and give me an email follow, I would appreciate it! I am going to keep these notices going through the end of this month, >>then my blog will not be linked to this anymore<<

Thank you for being so awesome and following me on this journey  <33  *hands you a cup of unending gratitude*

Sunday, October 1, 2017

{IMPORTANT NOTICE} please read

I'm not sure if you guys can open this, but hi! **I recently moved my blog over to Wordpress. The switch was successful, but I'm having some difficulties redirecting the RSS feed -- all you public followers. I have a post up on the blog right now explaining that, and I'm working to find a way to fix this.
*Thank you all for reading <3