About Me

Hi there! Welcome to my blog!

I'm Audrey Caylin, the author of these posts and pages, where I hope to spread some smiles and laughs as I share my journey toward indie publishing with you.

~ I am a writer ~
I like to write deep and true, boldly penning the stories on my heart

 ~ reading is my favorite pastime ~
 I consider writing more of a passion/pastime, so when I'm not writing, I'm reading

~ aspiring independent author ~
No matter where I go in life, I want to publish. Why indie? Well, why not! I have an entrepreneur-like mind   

~ ambitious rebelutionary ~ 
What's a rebelutionary? A young person - like me - who goes above and beyond what is expected for the glory of God.

~ child of God  ~
He is my Heavenly Father and Savior. 

And other random hints of me....
rainy days
 mountain bikes
blank notebook pages
former dancer    
high school
piano music 
salt water
 laugh and smile
characters who ooze with sarcasm
I write under a penname as well, but I'm just the same in real life ;-)

And I dream. Non-stop. I'm the one with my head out the window going down the freeway and the last one to go inside when it rains. I'm the one who wants to go up the dark path to see the stars better and wake up at 5am just to enjoy the world before the sun rises. I'm the one still up at midnight thinking about 20 years from now and imagining life after high school.

And I'm probably keeping my eye on the horizon for a green flash.


I hope you enjoy what you find on this blog. Feel free to contact me or comment. I would love to hear from you!

And thank you for being here. It means the world to me. 


Audrey Caylin 


  1. Hey Audrey!
    I just wanted to say that your blog is absolutely beautiful! X

  2. *waves* I finally popped over here to check you out! ;)

    Loving your blog, Audrey! I'm excited to see where you go with your stories - they sound like they're amazing!

    ~ Savannah

    1. I'm glad you're here, Savannah! Welcome! :D

      Thank you so much! I'm hoping to get at least one to a final draft sometime this year...then add more to the list and keep going! Glad you like them!


  3. Hi Audrey! I just followed you! I love your bio! And are you in high school, too? I'm a sophomore, and I'm also a book blogger! I hope you'll do great in your writing career! I see great things for you! ;)

    1. Welcome Kester! Nice to meet you and thank you for following :)

      Oh, you're a sophomore too?!? That's awesome! Where do you blog at?

      Thank you! I'm excited to keep moving forward on this crazy journey XD

  4. Ah your blog is so pretty <3333
    NOTEBOOKS ARE THE BEST EVER. I have way too many and ah I just love them. I'm going to look around and follow you now. *Looks up* Oh yay!!!! I'm a sophomore too. xD

    1. Thank you!!!!

      AREN'T THEY??? I wish I could write longhand as fast as I can type, so all my stories can be written on paper with silky pens (that sounded weird...XD) I seem to be finding quite a few other sophomores online. lol :D

      Nice to meet you, and thanks for following!

  5. *waves* well hello - I feel like I should say something about who I am after reading everything about you hahhaa but honestly, IDK WHAT

    you're just like soooooo cute and I love your blogging style plus can I join you on that starry night walk?? thx


    1. Nice to meet you, Julia! Thank you for stopping by and for giving me the link to your blog (btw, I LOVE your poetry blog. like, so awesome).

      Thank you! :) And yes, the more the merrier. Starry-nights are epic and beautiful and I'm glad you like them too.


  6. Hi Audrey

    I just meandered onto your blog, but just before clicking onto your page, I saw your name 'Audrey Caylin' and although after further reading, it has turned out to be a pseudonym for your little nook on the internet, there's something really great about it! Something about it sounds accomplished/successful. Maybe it's because of Audrey Hepburn...maybe it's just because of me.

    I hope your writing is going well at the moment!

    All the best,


    1. Hello Steph! Your blog has an AWESOME name! :D

      Thank you! I hope so! ;-)

      Thanks for stopping by!


  7. okay basically this may sound weird but I feel like I've seen you somewhere in the blogger world?... it's prob my own blog tho lol - I have a horrible memory sometimes :P

    but annnyywaayyss - I've stumbled across your lovely blog and let me just say i'm in love with it. <33 *goes to stalk all the posts*

    1. I think I may have stopped by your blog once. Or maybe I left my signature in a comment on some random blog :P (I do that a lot)

      AHHH THANK YOU. Stalk away ;-)

  8. LOL you sound like me!! I'm Michaila, BTW ;) I blog at the Wonderkept Life...have been for around 3 years now (wow how did that happen). I'm currently working on draft 2 of a book of mine, the first one I have ever had in proof-copy.
    So great to meet another writer-Christian!!!
    Hope to see you around :)
    the Wonderkept life (lovelypinkduckshome.blogspot.com)

    1. Hello Michaila! Nice to meet you!

      Wow. O.O That's a long time (says the newbie blogger). I'll definitely have to go check it out.

      In proof copy! Congratulations! *high-five*

      You too! :D

  9. I love your blog, girl. I'm also an avid writer and I can so relate to having an addiction of reading...I will definitely be visiting here again, soon. :)

    -T. x

    1. Thank you! Welcome! :D

      Yes, reading is super addictive ;)


  10. Fellow dreamers! XD <3 We share a lot in common.
    Beautiful blog and pics btw.

    1. *high-five* Being a dreamer is awesome xD

      Thank you! Nice to meet you <3

  11. Rain is the most beautiful and best. If I didn't still have to go out and feed cows in it, I would wish for it all the time. XD
    Very lovely blog, nice to meet you!

    1. But walking in the rain with no umbrella is fun too! Though I wouldn't want to feed cows in it xD

      Thank you! You too! <3


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